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中间 & 高中常见问题

中间 & 上学校


List of 12 frequently asked questions.

中间 & 上学校

Program and Philosophy 常见问题

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • How does Crossroads support diversity and inclusion?

    One of the five founding commitments in the Crossroads 哲学 是为了发展学生群体的社会、经济和种族多样性. Our community is a blend of cultures, 种族, socioeconomic statuses, religions and family types. Within our community of learners, 56%的学生是有色人种,我们K-12的教职员工中有38%是有色人种. Our families come from 91 different zip codes, 四分之一的学生从我们的负担能力计划中获得奖学金.

    Beyond our demographics, 6165cc金沙总站有, since its inception, been at the forefront of equity and inclusion. Our classrooms are filled with rich and challenging conversations, 我们的学生学习如何激活他们的声音,我们的社区理解我们在使世界成为一个更具包容性的地方方面的作用.
    Crossroads recently launched our groundbreaking 股本 & 司法研究所 深化和扩展我们的工作,为我们的学生将面临的挑战找到有意义的解决方案, 包括种族歧视, 性别歧视, 贫困, 战争, environmental degradation, educational inequities, religious persecution and genocide.

    了解更多关于6165cc金沙总站对多元化和包容性的承诺 在这里.
  • How many students are in a class?

    In the 中学, the sixth grade has approximately 85 students, 而七年级和八年级各有大约115名学生. 中学 class sizes range from five to 20.
    approximately 140-150 students in each grade of our 上学校, grades nine through 12. Class sizes average 19 students, yet t在这里 can be as few as five and as many as 25, depending on the subject.
  • Is Crossroads a school for the arts?

    While we are not an arts school, 我们对艺术的承诺等同于对传统学科的承诺. 我们将艺术课程视为我们灵感计划的纪律和组成部分. 6165cc金沙总站的艺术强调解决问题、冒险和批判性分析. Crossroads is a strong, 大学预科学校,其学生对学院和大学特别有吸引力,因为我们在学术和艺术之间提供平衡.
  • 为什么6165cc金沙总站取消了大学先修课程(AP)?

    In 2007, after comprehensive study and community dialogue, 6165cc金沙总站认为,大学先修课程(AP)并不能最好地为我们的学生提供高水平的课程,并损害了我们履行学校哲学宣言承诺的能力. 因此,我们决定用我们自己设计的6165cc金沙总站高级研究(CAS)课程取代AP课程. We believe that this change, 许多国家认可的独立学校也做到了这一点, assures a more stimulating, challenging and relevant academic program for all of our students.
  • What is Crossroads athletics program like?

    6165cc金沙总站为6至12年级的学生提供全面的竞技体育项目,并为五年级学生提供发展运动队. 6165cc金沙总站的体育项目激励学生追求有竞争力的团队运动, which further friendships, 在球场内外建立品格,灌输学校和个人的自豪感. For those who participate in interscholastic athletics, 这段经历和学校里的其他课程一样,都是他们教育的一部分. 请浏览 体育运动 area of our website for further information.
  • How does college counseling work at Crossroads?

    请浏览我们的 College Counseling web pages for an in-depth explanation of this important process.